Pricing & Information

I believe in open and honest pricing - everything is on the table, with no hidden costs. Let me prove to you not only my photography is different:

Weddings & Engagements

For weddings my focus is staying out of the way and capturing untouched moments most of the day, and then pulling out all the stops come time for portraits. My packages include full day coverage, high resolution images with all printing rights delivered via flash drive, retouching and editing on all photos, included engagement sessions, and an online gallery. Every image being retouched is a lot of work, and very few photographers do it. However, I feel it's incredibly important. Take a look at the example at the bottom of the page for why. You can take a look at my full pricing and packages list here:

Wedding Pricing and Brochure

Separate engagements are $300, but I recommend taking them with your wedding photographer when possible. It's a great chance for us to get to know you better, and for you to understand what we're doing and asking for on your wedding day.

Portraits & Pets

My portrait pricing is simple: $300 for two hours with as many locations and outfits that can fit in to that time, full resolution files, full printing rights, and an online gallery to share and order professional quality prints through me if you choose. All delivered images will be color corrected, and you can select five to be retouched for free. Any additional retouched images are $20 each. For family sessions, every image is retouched.

For headshots, business use, et cetera: contact me.

Real Estate

I generally use external flash units and not HDR to light interiors. It's a much more natural, high end look. Pricing starts at $150 per home, alternatively my day rate for larger jobs is $1000. I've shot hotels, bed & breakfasts, and many homes - and realtors have remarked at how quickly homes I photograph sell.


I love anything that's new, exciting, weird, or different. If you have a gig that fits that critera, toss me a line and let's see what we can do to make it awesome.


Retouching is an art form. Most photographers either don't do it, use an automated program that destroys skin texture, or outsource it to a third world country where they're paid by the image (and want to get through as many as possible, quickly)! I use the exact same techniques that are used for high end commercial shoots, all manually done, with caffeine being my only help. Here are three images of my adorable neice to show what goes in to each image:

This is how the image came out of the camera. Actually, it was even darker - the sensors in the cameras I use are better at "recovering" dark areas rather than highlights, so I shoot a bit underexposed when there are bright areas in the image I want to make sure aren't overexposed.

Here it is after color correction and general editing. Notice how the sky isn't overexposed, contrast was brought up to deal with the sun setting behind her, etc.

And this is after retouching. During this step I also sometimes add a bit of color toning for a bit more "pop," and I thought this image would benefit. If you're on a small device, you may want to click the images to see the difference better.

This is just one example - you edit toddlers different from teenagers and adults, with variations on each category depending on their gender and type of image it is. However, it's a good indication of how much retouching can help a final image, and why I put so much time in to it.