Aury (pronounced or-ee)

I live nestled in the woods near New London, MN with my wife and dog. We love to travel, cook, go on hikes, and watch the stars on the coldest nights in our hot tub. Photography is more or less my full time job, but since Minnesota has an off-season I occasionally use my degree in computer science. My last big project was an app for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS called Pixel Paint/Dot Paint (dependent on region). That said, every year my photography takes up more and more of my time, which I don't mind one bit! I love my job. There's nothing more gratifying than perfectly bottling up an entire wedding, preserving the day forever, or showing a teen just how beautiful/handsome they actually are.

Just so you can get to know me better, here are some quick notes about me:

  • I walk on a treadmill when I'm retouching photos. It's the only way to keep the Oreo-weight at bay.
  • My favorite movies and TV shows all have 'Star' in them. Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate...I'm a bit of a geek.
  • My friends and I regularly play a videogame (Age of Empires II) from 1999 against each other, which totally tracks with the previous point.
  • I have "inhumanly fast" reflexes.
  • That's no excuse to throw something at my head.
  • I love to read. In fact, I love it so much that I read pretty infrequently as I have a hard time getting stuff done while engrossed in a book.

My Wife, Tara

Tara assists me at most of my weddings, and is also usually my second shooter when one is requested. The day that I wrote this page she came home from work, saw that I was making dirty rice, and immediately put on NSYNC's "Dirty Pop" song and started dancing around our living room. That should just about tell you everything you need to know about her. Surprisingly, she's a financial analyst at her day job. She's the yin to my yang.


Cinder was a stray found in the dead of winter in the middle of nowhere back when she was still just a puppy. Now she lives out her life attempting to rule our woods with an iron jaw and asking for constant belly scratches. She counts as part of the team as she comes to the studio at least once a week, so if you stop in you might just get to meet her.