Boudoir Session Information

Boudoir photography is solely about you. Yes, it might be a gift for your husband, (or fiancé, or girlfriend, or...) but their reaction to your photos is simply another aspect to what it's all about. It's about empowering you and giving you confidence. It's about showing you just how beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous you truly are. It's about treating you to an experience that requires a jump out of your comfort zone, where you can grow as a person.

It's about seeing yourself in a new light, loving yourself, and being kind to yourself.

Sessions are up to two hours with as many outfit changes as you'd like. They can be done in the comfort of your own home or in a rented Airbnb or photography studio.

Sample Gallery

Boudoir photography Alexandria, MN
Couples boudoir photography
Boudoir photographer
St. Cloud boudoir


After I'm done editing the images you'll receive a password protected online gallery of your proofs where you can directly order files, prints, or other products. Any purchased files will be available for download directly from your gallery and prints will be shipped directly to you. In addition, all purchased files come with full print rights.

Session Fee - Weekday: $150

Session Fee - Weekend: $200

  • Digital File/JPEG - per image: $15
  • Digital File/JPEG - all images: $400
  • Retouching per image: $25
  • All purchased files come with full print rights, and prints are also available for purchase through me.

Sample Print Prices:
  • Albums: Between $500 and $2500, depending on options/amount of pages
  • 4x6: $4
  • 8x Wallets: $7
  • 8x10: $10
  • Many other print sizes and products available, such as metal prints and canvases

For full pricing information or to set up your session please contact me.


Will my images be shared online?

Your privacy is paramount - I only use images that I have permission for in my portfolio/on my social media.

I'm not a model. Is this for me?

Absolutely! Very few people are naturals at posing, and in my experience it's easiest to follow a photographer's direction in a private setting. With good lighting, posing, and direction your photos will turn out amazing. Your only job is to have fun with it - I'll handle the rest.

I have problem areas. Do you Photoshop?

I'm an expert retoucher and retouching is available at a per-image rate. That includes things like blemish removal and skin smoothing, stray hair removal, and "tucking in" areas only if requested.

My philosophy is that photos should be kept as natural as possible and that retouched photos shouldn't look retouched. We're trying to show off who you are...but we also want it to be the very best version of you!

Can I bring someone with to my session?

That is 100% your choice. I want you to be as comfortable as you can be. For some that might mean having their friend or partner with, and for others that might mean not. Doing a tandem session with a friend is another option - ask me for details!

You're a male boudoir photographer?

Let's get that elephant out of the room, shall we? I'm a man, and I do boudoir photography. I'm also a husband and a (new!) dad.

Some women prefer a male photographer and some do not, and that's 100% OK. The generally accepted primary advantage to a female photographer is that your partner might feel more comfortable with that. However, there are some advantages to a male photographer:

Men and women typically see women differently. That little bit on thigh highs at the top where the thigh gets 'pinched' in a little? Most women think that's a bad thing. Men actually like it. No, really. Go ask a guy. It's true!

Also, and this is more individual, but most women find it easier to show off her sexy side in a photo shoot with a male photographer as it's a dynamic they're comfortable with. This is doubly true when it comes to facial expressions.

No matter whether you choose a male or female photographer, know that we're concentrating on composition, lighting, posing, and 20 other small details rather than really looking at "you." I keep every shoot professional, relaxed, and fun.

Do you provide hair & makeup?

Not by default. Some women prefer to do their own either as a cost-saving measure or just out of preference. Doing photography on-site means that travel can also become an issue, but if the shoot is local and you'd prefer for me to set up hair & makeup with a trusted artist I absolutely can.

Do you do couple's sessions?

I do! If you'd like to split the session into half couple and half single we can do that as well.

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