Information & Pricing

I keep my pricing simple with no packages or minimum purchases. The session fee includes up to two hours of time with as many outfit changes and locations as you'd like. After I'm done editing the images you'll receive an online gallery of your proofs where you can place your order, and we can also set up an in person meeting at my studio if you think you're going to have some questions.

  • Session fee: $150 weekday / $250 weekend and holiday
  • Digital File/JPEG - per image: $15
  • Digital File/JPEG - all images: $400
  • Retouching per image: $20

All purchased files come with full print rights, and prints are also available for purchase through me.

I love doing anything new. If there's a concept you want to incorporate please let me know, even if it's just a vague idea. Let's create something amazing.

For full pricing information or to set up your session please contact me.


Can we meet prior to my session?

Absolutely! We can go over details, locations, and any ideas you may have. Just let me know if you'd like to get it set up.

What locations can we use?

We're lucky to have some pretty great spots in the area that I use regularly, and I may have differing suggestions depending on the time of day and what season it is. All that said, the best locations are ones that are important to you, and I can make pretty much anywhere work.

I have a studio in downtown New London which we can use for part of the session if you'd like - it's completely up to you.

PS: I alone have access to the prettiest spot on Green Lake.

Who should I bring with to my session?

Some people do well with a parent, some a friend, and others do best with nobody else around. Think about who will make you smile or if you'll feel awkward posing with someone else there.

Can we do more or less time than 2 hours?

I can add time to the session if you'd like, but unless you have some distant locations you'd like to do it's probably not necessary. I don't offer anything less than my standard session fee, but if you feel good to stop before two hours that's perfectly fine and happens regularly.

Can you incorporate my pet/other interests?

I'd love to! Pets, sports, instruments, hunting, cars etc. are all things I regularly do. Whatever your interests are I'd love to incorporate it, though if you think it's going to be something complex we should definitely chat about it before your session.

If you're all about swimming/lakes, portraits in the water are practically my specialty.

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