Congratulations on reaching your senior year! This marks one of the most important stages of your life. Let's celebrate with images as unique and beautiful as you are. Below you'll find my portfolio and packages/pricing.

Following your session, I'll carefully edit and upload your images to a gallery. If you chose Package 1 or 2, you'll then be able to select a number of images for me to lightly retouch (unless you don't want me to) and for you to download, share, and print as you see fit. If you find yourself falling in love with more images, additional digital files and professional-quality prints can be purchased directly through your online gallery.

If instead you chose Package 3, you'll receive all of the files with print rights in your gallery. You'll also be able to select a number of images to be retouched, if you'd like.

I love to tailor every session to what makes you unique, so if you'd like we can either discuss things via email or set up a meeting (Zoom, phone, or in-person) to go over any specifics you may want.

Ready to book? Contact me to get your session set up!


Pricing & Packages

Package 1

Up to 1 hour of time
You choose 5 digital images from your online gallery
Additional digital images and prints available for purchase through your gallery
Light retouching and print rights included with digital images
Afternoon sessions only


Package 2

Up to 2 hours of time
You choose 10 digital images from your online gallery
Additional digital images and prints available for purchase through your gallery
Light retouching and print rights included with digital images


Package 3

Up to 2 hours of time
All digital files included (usually 150-250 images)
You choose 25 images to be lightly retouched
Prints also available for purchase through your gallery


Additional pricing

Digitals and Retouching:

  • Digital File/JPEG - per image: $15
  • Full retouch - per image: $25

Sample Print Prices:

  • 4x6: $4
  • 8x Wallets: $7
  • 8x10: $10
  • Many other print sizes and products available, such as metal prints, canvases, and graduation cards

Prices are as of 3/1/2023


What is light retouching?

Light retouching deals with the few biggest problem spots on the image. That could be a blemish or two, a couple of really annoying stray hairs, teeth whitening, etc.

Note that this isn't full retouching, which you can purchase later on select images if you choose. That's a full 20-30 minutes of time per image, which wouldn't exactly be economical to provide by default! That said, light retouching will absolutely be enough for most photos and I usually only recommend full retouching for photos that are going to be printed very large.

While my goal for any retouching is to look like nothing was done at all, if you'd actually prefer that nothing is actually done just let me know and I can skip it.

Can we have a meeting prior to my session?

Absolutely! We can go over details, locations, and any ideas you may have. Just let me know if you'd like to get it set up. We can do a Zoom meeting, phone call, or even meet in person if you'd prefer. Otherwise if you just want to go over things via DM/email that's perfectly fine as well.

Do you have limits on the number of outfit changes/locations?

Absolutely not. You can do however many outfit changes or locations that you'd like to fit into your session time. For a 2 hour session, most seniors do ~4 outfit changes and 2-3 locations.

What locations can we use?

We're lucky to have some pretty great spots in the area that I use regularly, and I may have differing suggestions depending on the time of day and what season it is. All that said, the best locations are ones that are important to you, and I can make pretty much anywhere work.

PS: I alone have access to the prettiest spot on Green Lake!

Can you incorporate my pet/other interests?

I'd love to! Pets, sports, instruments, hunting, cars etc. are all things I regularly do. Whatever your interests are I'd love to incorporate it, though if you think it's going to be something complex we should definitely chat about it before your session.

If you're all about swimming/lakes, portraits in the water are practically my specialty.

Can I upgrade my package after the shoot?

You can upgrade from Package 2 to 3 only immediately after (or sometime before) your session. There are no upgrades after image delivery, sorry.

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