Each moment at a wedding is just that - a moment. It's a fleeting snapshot in time that will never come again. It might be your father's belly laugh, your soulmate's tears, or a slice in time during your first dance where the entire world melted away until it was just the two of you.

Capturing those is what I do. For most of the day, I'm a nearly invisible force bottling up those moments for you before they fade into forgotten memories forever. During portraits I'm posing, lighting, and guiding you so you'll look your best. Above all else, I put effort into each and every second of the day.  

Below is my portfolio along with some sample galleries - please do check them out as large sets of images are the best representation of a photographer's work. Each one contains just a fraction of what I delivered to each couple. Beneath the sample galleries is my full pricing along with some additional information that you'll hopefully find helpful.

I'd love to hear more about your story, your dream wedding, and to answer any questions you may have - so please, get in touch.   

Note: 2023 will be my last year doing wedding photography.

Portfolio & Sample Weddings



“Aury does amazing work! My partner Eric and I could not be happier with the photos.

It may sound odd, but I never thought that pictures could actually capture the atmosphere and the feeling of the moment, but his do. Looking through the pictures of our reception bring me right back to that joyous night and I couldn't be happier we were able to work with Aury!”

Packages & Pricing

Package 1

8 hours of coverage
Delivery and download of full resolution files via online gallery
Full print rights


Package 2

10 hours of coverage
Engagement session included
Delivery and download of full resolution files via online gallery
Full print rights


Package 3

12 hours of coverage
Engagement session included
Delivery and download of full resolution files via online gallery
Full print rights


Package 4

12 hours of coverage
Engagement session included
Delivery and download of full resolution files via online gallery
Full print rights
Beautiful 12"x12" album
Second photographer included



What's your approach?

For the majority of the day I'm there to document genuine moments as they happen. During this time I stay very hands off and focus on every detail. You won't find me asking to recreate moments, but you will find me ready to capture those moments before they even happen.

Portraits I approach as I would any other high end shoot, with an emphasis on lighting and crisp imagery. Here I will pose you, but I always encourage my couples to be themselves. I want to bring out who you are, whether you're intimate, goofy, serious, happy, or most likely some unique combination that's wholly your own. If that sounds scary, don't worry about it! Every couple is different and some need to be fully posed, especially at first.

What do you deliver?

You get all of the edited files in high resolution JPEG format. All packages include an online gallery where the images are easily downloadable with no watermarks.

When will we get our photos?

I like to get at least one preview out within a few days of your wedding. It varies depending on the season, but in general I deliver your online gallery within a three or four weeks. I absolutely hate hearing horror stories about weddings taking forever to get delivered.

What are the costs for travel?

I have no travel fee for weddings within Minnesota for the above packages. Engagements or elopements over 50 miles away may have a fee, depending on distance.

Do we get anything if we skip the engagement session?

If you don't want an engagement session we can take $200 off of your package price. If you have the 8 hour package and want an engagement session we can add it on for the same price.

The engagement session can also be exchanged for a bridal boudoir session.

Is a second shooter/photographer available?

My wife is available as a second shooter at $600 for eight hours. Having a second shooter isn't necessary at almost all weddings, but having her there brings extra flexibility to your planning and variety to the final images. When she isn't second shooting, she comes along to assist me.

What steps do you take to protect our images?

Throughout the day I've got two cameras strapped to me at all times. This not only efficiently lets me switch between two different lenses, but if one acts up during a big moment I have the other right there. Both of the cameras have two memory cards in them, so if one card gets corrupted I'll still have the other card. The cameras, along with the cards, stay with me the entire day.

Once I'm home, they get backed up to a NAS using RAID (duplicated across multiple hard drives), an SSD on my computer, another SSD on my studio, and finally an online encrypted backup service. I have a background in computer science and have helped other photographers recover images off of corrupted cards and broken hard drives - something that should never need to be done with the right procedures in place.

I take keeping your images safe very seriously.

How many images will we receive?

Exactly how many will depend on your wedding, but in general I deliver approximately 100 images per hour of coverage. For a 10 hour wedding that would mean roughly 1,000 photos.

How do we book and how much is the deposit?

Preferably we'd meet in person or via a phone call/video chat to discuss your wedding. I'll send you a contract to sign online, and you'll be booked once I've received that and the $800 deposit.

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